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etsy store!

2015-12-03 09:37:57 by rockerkid58

i created an etsy store! check out some of my stuff if you're interested!

i have sticker packs, custom sticker packs, and my inktober doodle book!


hello hello!

2015-01-11 17:32:57 by rockerkid58

well this is my first post of the new year, wow hello.


stickers are still on sale for $0.50 in my shop. i haven't really been on here lately because I've been busy with other things. but don't fret, i'll be back soon with more awesome art and reviews! 

Hello hello! In the shop for this weekend only, are $0.50 sticker packs! 10 assorted stickers in each pack with FREE SHIPPING! Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend!

Plus, my birthday is on Wednesday! 


2014-10-06 17:34:51 by rockerkid58

Hi guys! Just an update with my shop. There is still a sale going on, from my September Sale. I have extended it ONE MORE WEEK just in case anyone wanted anything before I bring in my new items! All sale prices will be ended this Friday, October 10th. I'm also taking custom orders! :)

In other news, I might start making an online comic sort of thing. I haven't thought it through fully, but it sounds like a pretty cool idea. My idea of this comic is to get a topic (like maybe weekly or daily, not sure yet) and get several artists including myself to draw it. Could be comedy, could be a serious thing, could be about pizza and pop punk. Who knows! But if you're interested (and you're an artist) it would be rad if you'd want to work with me on this!



2014-08-30 14:11:54 by rockerkid58

Hello hello! Finally, my art shop is open. I am adding a few more products at the moment, but everything is up and on sale! Buy something from me and support me maybe? I'm starting school again and I need the extra help!


Long Awaited Update

2014-06-20 15:02:20 by rockerkid58

Well hi there! I haven't updated this. It's summer break, so I will be opening my art shop very..very..soon.

Anyway, in the mean time I've been accepting commisions and art trades. I currently make stickers to trade. (you can check out my instagram for the designs/characters!) So, what would you guys like to see from me in the future??

This was a very short update. But, I will let you know when I open up shop! Until then, catch ya later!

I am on spring break, which means a week of free time! (hopefully) I'm opening up an etsy shop soon, to sell stickers and my other art! So stay tuned. :D 

3203104_139527595432_GH7m8K3.pngmessage me on FB or twitter for more info. (links on profile)

also, to check out my art look at my album on imgur!

Prices depend on what you'd like!! 

I am way more active on tumblr, but I am coming back here day by day. Anyways, I am apart of an awesome clothing brand called Craveth Apparel! Streetwear at an affordable price! If you use my name as a discount (Brooke) at the end of your order you get 10-20% off!! Check us out here.

Also I am working on a new comic called Gadget! I will upload a few pictures soon! 


2013-06-27 16:33:47 by rockerkid58

Hello Newgrounds! I'm starting up a project this summer called Jericho, and I need your help.

Jericho is basically a group of artists of any kind, coming together. Selling their art, music, craft items, clothing, anything they make themselves. We will sell our items, collect the money for a better cause. By receiving the money we get from selling our items, we will then donate them to various charities around town. Such as a food bank, or to help a kid in need at a children's hospital. Or simply giving our items directly to the people who are less fortunate as us.

I'm asking you people of Newgrounds if anyone would like to take part in this project. I'm talking about anyone here! Anything helps. We have a few members right now, but we are looking for more! I will set up a blog for this project soon. Please tell your friends, or anything to get this out there. Please send me a message if you are interested! You can contact me at my facebook, or here. Thank you!